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Itemstats modded by Version:1.0
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Updated on 2009-10-13

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1. Extract the archive to the document root of your Joomla installation.
You should now have a folder like this: ../htdocs/itemstats
Don't forget to change the owner of this new directory and all
subdirectories to your webserver's user.
Under Linux you would do something like this:

# chown -R apache:apache ../htdocs/itemstats

Then change to this directory.

2. Load the item_cache.sql into your Joomla database:

# mysql -u JOOMLAUSERNAME YOURJOOMLADB < item_cache.sql

This creates a table in your Joomla database for item caching.

3. Open config_itemstats.php with your favourite text editor.
Around line 27 you will find those lines:

// Changes from Markus Döhla

$GLOBALS['prio'][0] = 'wowhead';
$GLOBALS['lang']['wowhead'] = 'en'; // Choose language from en, de, fr, es

Choose the language for your items.

You don't have to change other things in this file.
Save and exit your text editor.

4. Open config.php with your favourite text editor.

Take a look at line 6:

define('ICON_STORE_LOCATION', '/itemstats/wowhead_icons/');

This is the path to the downloaded item icons.
It has to be absolute from your document root.
By default it is assumed that you install itemstats into your document root of your website.

If the path differs, please change it appropriatly.

Enter your database connection information after line 8:

// Database config
define('dbhost', 'localhost');
define('dbname', 'joomladb_name');
define('dbuser', 'joomladb_user');
define('dbpass', 'joomladb_password');
define('item_cache_table', 'item_cache');

Save and exit your text editor.

5. Almost done!

Don't forget to choose "Yes, use external itemstats" in "WoW Latest Loot"
to use this itemstats installation to display your items within the module.


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